Lumineers is a highly advertised brand of veneers targeted at the psychology of minimal or zero removal of tooth structure.  In my experience, the results that I have seen often display a number of issues:  Excess bulk of porcelain, inadequate contour, inadequate depth of porcelain layering details, poor marginal fit and bonding to the underlying tooth structure.

Hence, I have had the chance to redo quite a number of cases to help the patients regain the natural beauty of their teeth.

In the photo below the patient had four Lumineers done on the four front teeth.  Besides the above mentioned points,  the concept of smile design was not taken into consideration.  Hence the issue of proportion was also a factor which contributed to a less than pleasing smile line.

Lumineers Preop.jpg


We began by removing the old bulky "Lumineers" and replaced them with proper fitting acrylic temporary veneers to allow the gum tissues to heal properly.  Next, we prepared the underlying tooth structures to fabricate new custom made porcelain veneers with proper contour, shape, colors, and detailed translucency characteristics.  At the patient's request we also added two ultra thin veneers to recreate the proper form of young-looking canines.  The veneers on the four front teeth were done with minimal removal of tooth structure beyond the old porcelain.  The ultra thin veneers on the canines were done with zero removal of tooth structure .  

In this super close-up photograph of the case we can see the detailed characteristic depths of fine porcelain work.  The shape, contour, and length of the new porcelain also restored the feminine attractive look of her natural teeth.  If one were to meet this patient in person, these porcelain restorations are indistinguishable from real teeth.

As an extension of this case in progress, we plan to add to the bicuspids beyond the canines with prepless veneers to fill out the smile line toward the corner of the mouth. Indeed, the old sparkling gold at the far corner will also be replaced.

All actual patient cases are copyrighted by Alex Nguyen, DDS