Preventive Dentistry

Quality dental care for your whole family in total comfort and privacy

Our goal is to help you understand your own dental health and be able to sustain all your teeth for a life time.

We closely monitor the development of children's dentition to make sure the bite, teeth, and facial profile are always in harmony.  This comprehensive concept helps ensure optimum health in the adult dentition.

Treatment plans are always recommended with your best interest in mind.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Life like restorations whether it is a single tooth or a full mouth rehabilitation

Our award winning cosmetic dental treatments are based on the highest standards of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Detailed case work-up and final delivery is coordinated closely between the patient's personal desire, our expertise, and the finest ceramists in the field.

AlexNguyenDDS.ImplantPlanning - Version 4.jpg

Implant Dentistry

Sophisticated computerized 3D imaging to diagnose and execute treatment related to missing teeth

Dental implants are the best form of treatment to replace missing teeth as it helps prevent continued resorption of the jaw bone and preserve the integrity of the adjacent teeth.

Our stream lined treatment logistics and options can help make your dental implant needs less time consuming and affordable.