The Evolving World of Dentistry

This past week I spent my time in Chicago learning the latest updates in the world of cutting edge dentistry.  Just like everything else, Dentistry is quickly changing in response to advancements in Digital Technology, Science Research, and Patient Demographics.

By combining all available armamentaria in our field we are now able to provide our patients with more options than ever in restorative and preventive dentistry.  From conservative methods such as resin infiltration techniques where cavities can be controlled without drilling away tooth structure, to implant supported prosthesis for patients with missing teeth: available treatment options are exciting and promising.

The hours my colleagues and I spent at these conferences sometime can be long and demanding, yet we all share the same level of passion and desire to provide the best of care to our patients.


Technology in Dentistry

First, please accept my apology for the extended delay in the blog posts.  It has been an amazing Summer with our work/family schedules and travels ... But I'm back ! Coming soon to our practice will be the world-renowned digital impression system by 3Shape.  This amazing technology will allow us to make "molds" of your teeth by using a handheld scanner.  We can all say goodbye to messy gooey impression materials.  Best of all, I am excited to be able to help patients who cannot tolerate traditional impression techniques due to severe gag reflex.

Digital scanning will also allow immediate transmission of the preparations to our partner laboratories.  This will speed up the return time for our patients' restorations such as crowns, bridges, and implant prosthetics.

In my relentless pursuit of continued advanced training and state of the art techniques, I cannot wait to deliver this new technology to my patients everyday.