Happy Mother's Day !

As you celebrate this special day with your mother, take a moment and really enjoy her smile.

There is something magical about the smile.  Whether the teeth are perfect, worn, stained, chipped, or irregular, at the happiest moment... the smile always exerts life and ... life's best emotional state.  For some of us, the smile defines age, lack of proper dental care, neglect, or maybe...simply: we are too busy to take care of it. That's when we restrict ourselves from displaying this wonderful asset.

People often spend great efforts and resources towards their skin, hair, clothes, jewelry... etc. Often time, the smile is never a priority.

The next time you try to think about what would be the best present for your mother, consider giving her the smile that resets all effects of age,  restores her confidence, and revives her emotional state.

It may be the one thing in life where you can truly say :  Yes, money can buy happiness!