What Should Implant Crowns Look Like?

I saw a patient last week for a consultation regarding implants to replace some missing teeth.  As these teeth would be displayed in her smile, she was really concerned with whether the final crowns would look like real teeth. According to her. she has been putting off implant treatment because she has heard so many horror stories about complications and the "fake" look of implant crowns. My patient's concern is completely legitimate.  Implant treatments carried out with improper planning and coordination between the implant placements and the final crowns can result in unattractive results.  To avoid unfavorable outcomes, ask your dentists to show you their before and after cases of actual patients.  Moreover, as a patient you should have a clear understanding of the necessary steps involved from beginning to end.

Beautiful crowns which mimic real teeth require a multi-dimensional construction of bone, gum, and teeth.  When it comes to the esthetic of the anterior teeth, just remember one simple rule:  Crowns, Bridges, Veneers,  should all look like your real teeth.

Here is a case of front teeth that I have completed for one of my patients.  Can you tell which one is a conventional crown, and which one is an implant crown?  In reality, no one would ever look at your teeth at this close a magnification. Nonetheless, I would always choose to address all details in order for the restorations to come to life in your smile.

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Alex Nguyen, DDS is a Saratoga Dentist who practices General Dentistry, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry. For over 20 years the practice has been serving the residents of Santa Clara County and San Francisco Bay Area.